"Air it out:" Milwaukee man accused of firing shots at apartment, making Election Day threat

“Air it out: “ Milwaukee man accused of firing shots at apartment, making Election Day threat

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Police were called to an apartment on election day for a report of shots fired. While Brandon Baker, 20, was talking to police he threatened to go to a poll and "air it out," according to a search warrant. 

Neighbors near 29th and Michigan woke up to the sounds of multiple gun shots around 5:00 a.m. 

"It was like over twenty shots," said Patricia Glass, neighbor. 

Another neighbor Lynette Hollowfoot called 911. 

"At that the time I didn't know it was coming from top of the building," said Hollowfoot. 

According to the search warrant, Baker told police "I was shooting because I can do that, I can shoot my AR on my roof, I can do that." 

That's where investigators found 31 bullet casings. 

According to police, "Baker stated that he was going to the poll and "air it out." 

"He was saying something about politics stuff so it was the voting day that day," said Glass.

Neighbors saw police officers talking to Baker for about an hour to get him to put down his firearm. 

Hollowfoot was taken back by one officer's bravery to deescalate the situation. 

"This woman had so much bravery standing there even though he wasn't threatening. She showed empathy," said Hollowfoot. 

According to the warrant, another officer came behind Baker and tackled him to the ground without incident. 

Neighbors are thankful MPD was there so no one got hurt. 

"It was kind of scary because we didn't know where they were coming from," said Glass. 

MPD recovered four firearms, the department is still investigating this case. Baker has not yet been charged. 

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