'Agree to disagree and not be violent': Kenosha leaders await Rittenhouse verdict

NOW: ’Agree to disagree and not be violent’: Kenosha leaders await Rittenhouse verdict

KENOSHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- City and state leaders are reacting to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial Thursday, Nov. 18. They say Kenosha residents are ready to move forward. 

"I think this city wants to move forward, there's so much positive happening here," said Kenosha City Administrator John Morrissey. 

"People in my district and people here in the community are well aware of what's happening today. Last year they went through quite a bit. I think they kind of know what to expect in worst case scenario," said Dave Paff, District 3 Kenosha alderman. 

Kenosha City Administrator John Morrissey said people are not focused on the meat and potatoes of the trial and rather turning it into a gun rights issue. 

"I think the Rittenhouse trial has become a guns right case and that's the problem with it. It needs to stay on what it really is," Morrissey said. 

The city's office receives more than 50 phone calls a day. Some people are frustrated with how the case is unfolding, asking for the district attorney to be removed or the judge arrested. 

"Ninety-nine percent are not from the state of Wisconsin, and you look up the area code and they are not from around here," said Morrissey. 

Lt. Governor candidate Senator Lena Taylor said as a community and as a state, everyone must learn to bury the hatchet and not use violence not matter the verdict. 

"We can agree to disagree and literally not be ugly we can agree to disagree and not be violent," said Taylor. 

CBS 58 reached out to the Kenosha mayor's office and he declined to comment. 

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