After a hot start to the month, the end of July will be cooler

Here’s a percentage for you to think about: 87.5%. That percentage represents how many days we have been 80 degrees or warmer. 87.5% of our days have been 80 degrees plus, and we are running 5.5 degrees above average for our highs. We have had double the amounts of days in the 90s than the 70s in July.

This is about to change. A cold front which pulled in cooler air yesterday will start to take the region over the next several days. Highs will be lucky to go above average for highs, which by the way are 80 until August 5th.

The change has to do with the jet stream; the jet will head south and dip, not only keeping temperatures below average, but also could send the beneficial rains away from us. So far this month, Milwaukee has only received 0.33” of rain, which is 1.64” below average. Rain is needed, not just in Milwaukee, all of the state. There’s rain in the forecast later this week, yet not the kind of rain we need.

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