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Adopted Milwaukee woman reunites with birth siblings thanks to community effort

NOW: Adopted Milwaukee woman reunites with birth siblings thanks to community effort


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A community effort reunites a family. Kirsta Bowman was adopted as a baby and always knew she had birth siblings, but she just didn’t know how to find them.

Bowman was born in Louisiana and raised in upstate New York but moved to Milwaukee with her husband a few years ago.

In January, she wrote a plea in a New Orleans Facebook group asking if anyone knew her mother. The post went viral and three hours later Bowman was talking to her birth sister.

Fast forward to today and Bowman just got back from a trip visiting her brother and sister, “No one truly understands. I think they've been through the same thing, because until Sunday I'd never met anyone that I shared any blood or DNA with. It's weird because today I was walking somewhere and I just kind of had in my head, ‘Oh I can’t wait to tell Shane and Gina this’, and then I just stopped for a minute and I was like, ‘I've never thought that before.’”

Kirsta says she can't wait for her siblings to visit her in Milwaukee. She says she'd love to take them to a Brewers or Bucks game.

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RobinsonSeverson 209 days ago
My mom was adopted as well. Gena and Kirsta are both related to myself and my mother according to Gedmatch. The last thing we heard about my grandmother was that she was going to New Orleans back in the 70's I would guess it was, as it seems there were relatives who kept 'tabs' on her whereabouts. This is what picks my interest the most. Are these girls grandchildren of my grandmother as well? Am I their half Aunt?
Now, my mother is 74 and I am 52 so I am assuming that we may be half cousins or they might be children of one of my mothers possible half-siblings. I just wonder so much.
My mom is the third person listed and I am the fifth listed on the list for Gena's kit. Let's just say I am intrigued. My grandmother is a mystery. She left Los Angeles, possibly became a nurse before or after and POOF! Disappeared. Except for the bits of info from the relatives that have been dead for many decades she left no trail. No sources. Nothing after my mom was born and even that was falsified. It stumped my mother her entire life but I'm REALLY good at puzzles. Now I could use a little help figuring out what happened next...
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