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Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt will seek appointment as interim sheriff of Milwaukee County

Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt had his wife joins him Monday to announce that he is seeking appointment by the Governor as interim sheriff of Milwaukee County.

25 days after taking over from David Clarke, Schmidt is reporting that his team found $2 million dollars in potential savings in the budget.

He's also appointed three new officers to the community relations division to focus on African American and Hispanic citizens.

The new sheriff is not backing away from the controversy involving the county jail where there were four deaths behind bars last year under the tenure of his predecessor.

Schmidt who took a personal tour of the jail Thursday said he was impressed with the clean and orderly surroundings he encountered.

He said he also spoke, in depth, with several inmates, including some who are considered the most challenging.

"We're going to treat inmates with respect," the acting sheriff emphasized during a media conference. "That puts people on alarm. Oh, so we're going to give inmates better treatment than the citizens? Absolutely not. But statutorily, I am required as the acting sheriff, or whatever the appointment may be, that those inmates are treated with respect and given excellent care."

Schmidt says his office will continue random, saturation patrols along with help from the highway patrol.

In the last 19 days, deputies have issued 803 citations.

588 of those were speeding tickets.

In September alone, there have been 48 arrests for drunk driving.

18 of those arrests happened just this past weekend.

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