Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt seeking full term, Earnell Lucas hoping to bring change to Sheriff's Office

NOW: Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt seeking full term, Earnell Lucas hoping to bring change to Sheriff’s Office

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) -- If you're interested in the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Race, that will appear only in the democratic column of your ballot.

Three candidates are running -- Richard Schmidt, who is currently serving as Interim and Acting Sheriff since David Clarke stepped down in September, Robert Ostrowski, and Earnell Lucas.

Democrat Earnell Lucas will be holding a watch party at the Rave in Milwaukee. Lucas is hoping to take the seat of Milwaukee County Sheriff.

At the polls on Tuesday, Lucas says he believes his 40 years in law enforcement and public safety could help him get elected.

He spent 25 years with the Milwaukee Police Department and retired as captain. Since then, he's worked as a Security Supervisor with MLB. 

Lucas says "it's time for a fresh start at the Sheriff's Department." He also says he thinks he would restore honor and trust to the department.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett recently endorsed Lucas, saying if elected Lucas would help mend the relationship between the community and the police.

Meanwhile, Acting Sheriff Schmidt and his supporters will watch the results in downtown Milwaukee. 

Schmidt voted this morning. In a way, he's like the incumbent in the race because he's been in the position of Sheriff for about a year now. It's just more experience for Schmidt, something he's been touting this whole campaign season.

He's a former Senior Commander of the Sheriff's Department and has more than 30 years experience with Milwaukee County. Something interesting about this sheriff's race is that it only shows up on the democratic primary ballots. There are no Republicans running so whoever wins tonight is virtually guaranteed to become sheriff. 

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