Abele addresses plans to demolish Shorewood lakefront mansion

NOW: Abele addresses plans to demolish Shorewood lakefront mansion

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele spoke publicly for the first time Wednesday about the controversy over his move to Shorewood. 

"People absolutely have the right to have their opinions on just about anything. That's kinda how democracy works," Abele said. 

Abele bought a home on Lake Drive in Shorewood and filed paperwork to have it torn down. 

CBS 58 brought you the reaction of some neighbors who were upset about those plans. On Wednesday, Abele downplayed the controversy. 

"We don't expect, nor should we get any special treatment. We're following the same procedure everybody does, as of course, we should. And most importantly, we're really looking forward to moving into a neighborhood we love," Abele said. 

Abele did not talk about what he plans to do after the nearly 100-year-old home is torn down, but he said his focus is to move into a house that blends and fits and respects the neighborhood. 

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