'I was walking into the unknown': Aaron Rodgers speaks publicly following his 'darkness retreat'

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has resurfaced in the public eye after completing a "darkness retreat."

In an appearance on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast released early Wednesday, Mar. 1, Rodgers discussed his reasons for taking the retreat, which included a need to reset and unplug from the world.

During his time in the retreat, Rodgers spent several days contemplating his future, including what it would be like to retire or continue playing football. He described the experience as both anxiety-inducing and exciting.

Warning: Strong language used within the embedded video.

"What hit me in the darkness...connected to my life," Rodgers said during the podcast, hinting at the introspection he underwent while in retreat.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding his future with the Packers, Rodgers appeared calm about his decision to retire or continue playing. He expressed his love for the game and his happiness in continuing to play it. However, he did not make any definitive announcement about his plans.

Rodgers' appearance on the podcast comes amid rumors about his future with the Packers.

The Aubrey Marcus Podcast is known for its discussions on wellness and spirituality, making it a fitting platform for Rodgers to discuss his experience with the retreat.

As the NFL offseason continues, stay with CBS 58 for continued coverage of news about Rodgers' future with the Packers.

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