"A winter wonderland:" Port Washington experiences biggest snowfall of the season

NOW: “A winter wonderland:“ Port Washington experiences biggest snowfall of the season

Port Washington got 12.7 inches of snow from the Monday into Tuesday snowfall. It's the most snow they've gotten all season. Looking at averages, the city essentially got one-third of their seasonal snowfall in 24 hours.

"It’s just a lot of work. It’s what we do I guess in Wisconsin" said Tim Brom.

Tim and Linda Brom are open for business. While clearing snow isn't their day job, it is today.

It wasn't even dinnertime when Tim Brom fired up his snowblower for the second time in one day to make sure people could make it into his wife's business, LA Hair Design.

Before sunset Lisa Holtslander captured the perfect shot of Port Washington's breakwater light barely visible through the snow. She says she'll go out in all weather for a good photo.

"Rain, snow, it doesn't matter, if there's an opportunity, especially with the beautiful snow fall..." Lisa Holtslander.

"It's a winter wonderland," said Peter Bartsch of all the snow.

Bartsch says he isn't sick of winter. 

"No. It's Wisconsin. C'mon it's fine."

The toughest part of all the snow in Port Washington? Bartsch says there's nowhere to put it once you clear the driveway.

"Some of it’s going to go on the road, some of it’s going to go over in that pile.”

He also shared his technique to clear all the snow.

"Just back and forth like an “s” pattern... back and forth."

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