A taste of spring this week

This is the season we can really start to warm up with snow pack dwindling and the sun angle going higher and higher in the sky. That’s the forecast this week: the warmest so far in 2018.

With a strong ridge of high pressure and southwest winds, the temperatures begin to crank back around 50 today. If Mitchell hits 50 today, it would be only the second 50 degree high of 2018.

Not only will today feature sunshine, but tomorrow will be the same with even warmer temperatures. The last time Milwaukee hit 60 degrees was back on December 4th when the high was 64. With a gusty southwest wind on Tuesday, don’t be surprised if a few spots get back into the 60s. Without any snow (or very minimal), it is much easier to warm, especially with our traditional southwest wind.

We have changes later in the week with a strong area of low pressure that could bring a rain/mix by Thursday and Thursday night. Right now it looks like mainly rain with daytime temps near 40.

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