A Paw-fect partnership: DiVincenzo teams up with Wisconsin Humane Society

NOW: A Paw-fect partnership: DiVincenzo teams up with Wisconsin Humane Society

The second Donte DiVincenzo steps on the court he can make an impact. It’s true off the court too. The Bucks guard learned that last year when he visited the Wisconsin Humane Society as a rookie.

Donte posted a video playing with dogs. Within a few hours people were asking how to adopt.

“In our eyes there’s a home for every dog. I truly believe that so if we can just use our social media platform and just address it in the city.”

Donte partnered with the Wisconsin Humane Society to help animals in need. Together they’ve raised awareness and more than $10,000. Before the coronavirus pandemic Donte was also active visiting youth centers, teaching kids how to safely interact with dogs.

“It can make a family and it can strengthen the bond of that family. You can have an amazing family and a strong family then you add a dog into that mix and I truly believe it takes the family to another level.”

He knows first-hand how much dogs can strengthen a family, growing up with them.

“It’s something that brings our family together and it has my whole life. If we didn’t have those dogs I don’t know what we’d be doing. We’d kindof be going off in or own ways.”

No pups in the NBA bubble as Donte and the Bucks are focused on winning a title. But the second year player is already thinking about what he’ll do after basketbal tool. It’s an easy decision. Donte’s planning to start his own foundation with his family.

“I can help so many more lives.”

Reporting from home, Scott Grodsky, CBS 58 sports.

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