A Frigid Week Ahead

Wind Chill Advisories have been posted as the cold is here, and here to stay this week.  The coldest air since early March has settled into the area. Feels-like temperatures dropped below -30° in Sheboygan Monday morning with most other locations dropping to readings of -20° to -28°.  Wind chill factors this cold can lead to frostbite development in under 30 minutes. That's why it's so important to cover as much exposed skin as you can, dress in layers and avoid the outdoors as much as possible.

Arctic high pressure will be with us much of the week. And as this high strengthens, winds will blow higher, leading to even colder chills by midweek.


This map shows surface features early Wednesday morning. All those lines around that high are areas of equal pressure. More lines means a tighter pressure gradient and that leads to strong winds. Winds flow clockwise around high pressure systems, so you guessed it, a stiff northerly wind will be in place. At this point Wednesday through Thursday will likely hold the coldest air and strongest winds which could lead to wind chill warnings here in southern Wisconsin.

The next week will feature temperatures below normal. After that, there's some indication we may see relief. The Climate Prediction Center has focused a warming trend across much of the west, spilling into the state. Keep in mind, it's all relative. The normal high for most of January sits at 29° with lows hovering around 15°.


I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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