A Coin Flip on Temps For Today's Date

NOW: A Coin Flip on Temps For Today’s Date

It's getting to be that time of the year when cool fall 40s return to southeast Wisconsin. But on the flip side, we can still enjoy late season warmth. Like last year, for example, when we set a new record high temperature:

 So while 2018 was warm in early October, at least we just closed the books on a very warm September. It was the 8th warmest to be exact! And looking through records today I realized just how significant that was. We have yet to feel any temps as cool as the 40s in Milwaukee. The average date of our first 40 in fall occurs September 6th. This year's late season warmth has only been trumped by two other years: 1906 didn't fall to the 40s until October 6th at 41 degrees and 2016 dropped to 49 degrees on October 7th. I bring up those points because we are forecasting our first overnight low in the 40s this season tonight, in Milwaukee.
 As you see in this graphic the cool high temps the last two days are also a bit of a milestone. Yesterday was the first time Milwaukee got held up in the 50s for highs since mid June.

Once we get through tonight's cool 40s, we brace for another day in the 50s tomorrow. At least 60s return for the weekend. But head's up for the rain on Saturday.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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