A Big Thank You to All Who Supported the Race for the Cure in Milwaukee

The color pink never looked such pretty.
On Sunday, it was a symbol of the steely determination among families to fight breast cancer.

The Lee family has two sisters waging the battle. They call their team "Surviving Gracefulee."

"I was diagnosed in 2008 and my sisters supported me," Naraye Lee as she started to tear up.

Her fellow sisters and nieces remarked how it has been a journey, but this day was a time to cheer.

Joe Delaguardia came all the way from Nashville Tennessee to dip his toe in the Milwaukee Art  Museum fountain which was colored pink for the occasion.

He held up a photo of his beloved wife Patricia. She was a Milwaukee native gone to soon to breast cancer.

Joe says her death was not in vain.

"In the last 16 years, the mortality rate for breast cancer has dropped by 34%. So the donations do work."

The costumes and music certainly livened the atmosphere.

We at CBS 58 loved that our idea of free pink sunglasses was a big hit!

"It's amazing! You come down here with a whole bunch of people who have also gone through it," shared two year survivor Debbie Zabroske. "It's a sense of pride. It truly is a celebration."

CBS 58's Michele McCormack helped share in the emcee duties of the opening ceremonies.

She spoke with Doctors at the Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin and  patients at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

They spoke of great progress, but the work that still needs to be done so one day we can report on a world without breast cancer.

Other guest speakers included David Gruber who lost his own mother to breast cancer.

He recalled her poise and grace and consider the support of his law offices as a tribute to her.

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