Milwaukee alderman says residents who filed claims for Hawley Road flooding will be denied

NOW: Milwaukee alderman says residents who filed claims for Hawley Road flooding will be denied

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee alderman is sharing the news that people who filed claims with the city last winter may not get reimbursed.

Those claims come after a water main break, on Hawley Road, in late December.

Alderman Michael Murphy believes this is not the fault of citizens.

“People were not being greedy, they’re just asking to be treated fairly," Murphy said.

He told CBS 58 that those who filed should soon expect a letter from the city attorney's office.

“I think there is some liability and that’s why I’m going to fight for their behalf," he added.

The incident left dozens of homeowners, and others, with thousands of dollars in unforeseeable damages.

“I literally had $30,000, eBay price, for personal property that got thrown out," resident Maria Hammerer said.

Hammerer had to evacuate her home.

She and her son lost their cars, and she said an independent company quoted her $67,000 to fix her basement.

“I’ve been waiting and I haven’t heard anything back. So hopefully something will get done with this," resident Marc Kilburg said.

Alderman Murphy said he talked with city attorney Tearman Spencer and was told submitted claims would be denied.

Spencer told CBS 58 Murphy was accurate.

“They had the Milwaukee water department investigate complaints and they basically say it’s an act of God," Murphy explained.

Several homeowners say their insurance did not cover the damage.

If nothing is done, Hammerer plans to sue.

“It was an extremely stressful time," she said.

Residents have 21 days, from the postmark of their letter, to file a written appeal.

Murphy said it should include a photocopy of the letter’s full envelope, and residents should keep the original as proof. 

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