Echo Lake will be drained because of debris around dam

NOW: Echo Lake will be drained because of debris around dam

Burlington Police Chief Mark Anderson says a very small amount, about an inch, was opened on the Echo Lake Dam around 11 Friday morning.

This comes after a record crest of 16.5 feet of the Fox River.

As of noon Friday the water level was down to 15. 

"They're going to check that dam and flow of water every hour," explained Chief Anderson. "They'll be slowly, if all is going well, opening up in small increments. Although the dam is holding up fine. The dirt embankments around dam are quickly eroding."

The chief says within the next couple of weeks, they plan to drain Echo Lake because of all the debris around the dam.

"The effects should be unnoticeable to those living along the Fox River and south of that."

The chief promised regular updates on the dam's status.

The city's water supply is fine.

The chief says donations of water are no longer needed. He says they have plenty of supply for those who have well water.

Well water users should also chlorinate your well and test for bacteria.

The health department will be making free test kits available.

a 10 p.m. to 6 a.m curfew will be in place in Burlington tonight, for the third night in a row.

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