60-year-old dragged from car by ankles during carjacking in Brown Deer

NOW: 60-year-old dragged from car by ankles during carjacking in Brown Deer

BROWN DEER, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Last Friday, December 1, around 5:10 p.m. Brown Deer Police responded to the Aldi's parking lot on Brown Deer Road for the report of a carjacking.

A 60-year-old Brown Deer resident was sitting in her car when a Milwaukee teenager opened her door and attempted to remove her from the car. The victim resisted and the suspect dragged the woman from the car by her ankles and drove off. The victim suffered minor injuries to her ankle.

The car was later found by Milwaukee Police who started a chase. Brown Deer Police say officers don't get reports of carjackings in Brown Deer often. 

"Carjackings are uncommon," Brown Deer Officer Nick Anderson said. "They do occur unfortunately in the surrounding areas. It just so happened this one took place in the village," Officer Anderson said. 

Mequon resident Shelley Perry isn't surprised. She was robbed at a Brown Deer Goodwill. 

"My wallet was stolen right from my purse. I tried to recover it, but the woman ran out of the store with my wallet," Perry said. 

Perry said she doesn't feel safe in the areas surrounding Milwaukee anymore. 

"Where I used to be very lax and trusting and not lock my doors, now every time it's locked," Perry said. 

Officer Anderson said it's important for all shoppers to be on the lookout this holiday season. 

"If you see something suspicious that someone else might not, say something. Make sure everyone is aware," Officer Anderson said. 

On Wednesday, December 6, the Milwaukee County DA charged a 16-year-old with the robbery and intends to file a petition to move the 16-year-old into adult court.

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