Thompson Strawberry Farm owner ready to hand off legacy to son

NOW: Thompson Strawberry Farm owner ready to hand off legacy to son

BRISTOL (CBS 58) -- On Father’s Day weekend Jeff Thompson is preparing to hand his legacy off to his son. The Thompson Strawberry Farm has been in operation along I-94 in Kenosha County since 1968 offering a pick-your-own strawberry experience that’s more popular now than ever.

Scott Thompson and his father Jeff are ready for the thousands of visitors that will come out to their farm this summer to pick strawberries.

"It's really exciting, and it's really fun to get those first customers in and they're always thrilled because they've been waiting 11 months, 12 months for their strawberries," Scott Thompson said.

The Thompson Strawberry Farm goes back to the days where it cost 30 cents for a quart of strawberries. When Jeff Thompson's father owned the farm back in the 1960's, the strawberries were pre-picked. But, one hot weekend changed their entire business model.

"He could see that we weren't going to get these strawberries picked so he went down to a local radio station and put an ad out to come pick your own," Jeff Thompson said. "We just had a tremendous turnout and slowly after that we went to pick your own."

The pick-your-own model and being located in between Milwaukee and Chicago has brought the family farm success, but this farm has also helped bond father and son.

"Scott was out here when he was just four, five, six and how many jobs can you bring your son with you," Jeff Thompson said.

Farm Owner Jeff Thompson is now in the process of passing the Thompson Strawberry Farm off to Scott.

"I consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to have someone to pass it into."

The Thompson Strawberry Farm is officially open for the season. For hours and directions, click here. 

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