4-year-old fighting for her life after being shot

A 4-year-old girl from Racine is now fighting for her life after being shot Wednesday evening.

Racine Police tell us the girl is in critical but stable condition here at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

\"She said, 'Why is there bad people out there?,'\" said Scheit.

It's a simple question Angela Scheit's 4-year-old daughter asked her Wednesday night, one with a very tough answer.

\"She was so scared last night because she heard us talking to police about the 4-year-old,\" said Scheit.

That little girl, the same age as Scheit's daughter, was shot right across from where she lives, on the 1800 block of Villa Street.

\"The little girl, he said, was just sitting there playing on his lap and next thing you know, she got shot in the head,\" said Scheit.

Witnesses said the girl was sitting on a relative's lap in the passengers seat of an SUV when the shooting happened.

\"It's awful and it really weighs on our officers and the community in general. We know that everyone is outraged,\" said Sgt. Jessie Metoyer.

Police are hoping that outrage will be the fuel someone needs to come forward if they know anything.

\"We are looking for any leads that the community can give us,\" said Metoyer.

Police do not have any suspect information to release.

They are asking the public to come forward with any information.

You can call Crimestoppers at 262-636-9330 to give any tips and you can remain anonymous.

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