4-Day RushCard Outage Leaves Users Unable to Access their Money

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RushCards - a type of pre-paid debit card - is in day four of a massive outage that has left customers unable to access their accounts.

On the company's social media accounts some posters wrote how they cannot buy food, get home, or purchase medication without access to their money.

"I wasn't able to log on Monday. They had a message saying 'Sorry. We'll be back up and running in the morning' or something like that," a Milwaukee woman who uses a RushCard said.

Since then RushCards has started posting messages online to frustrated users including a video from co-founder, spokesperson, and rap mogul Russell Simmons.

"We know who you are and know you are facing tremendous challenges. I want to personally reassure you that your funds are safe and that we are addressing every issue as quickly as possible," Simmons said in the video posted overnight on Wednesday.

The company is in the middle of a systems upgrade and something went wrong, according to a press release.

There is not a lot of sympathy from the Milwaukee user who says her son is stranded and staying with friends on the other side of his hourlong commute.

"He cannot get home because he cannot pay for gas to get back here. So he's stuck. If this is not fixed as of today then I probably will [start borrowing money]. But this is putting me in a bad situation with WE Energy," she said.

"Because this is the only card that I use. So now I'm interested in looking for a different debit card that i can use," she said.

A RushCard is used like a debit card but the system is more casual than a traditional checking account through a bank. Customers load up the card with money online and also have the option to transfer money to different users.

The company referred to their social media pages for updates on the outage.

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