4,000 officers expected on the ground for 2020 DNC

NOW: 4,000 officers expected on the ground for 2020 DNC

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Police Department said Thursday, Nov. 14 they have tentative agreements in place with 150 different agencies to make sure the DNC is secure.

That includes 40 out of state departments, from all over the country. MPD has agreements with several state departments, as well as cities like Miami, San Diego, Portland, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The 4,000 officers covering the convention will include two thirds of Milwaukee's entire force. 1,200 Milwaukee officers will work the DNC, leaving 600 to continue staffing the rest of the city at minimum levels. MPD said that is about 55-60 percent of normal staffing.

MPD says no officers will be allowed to take vacation during the week, and officers will work twelve hour shifts.
Alderman Bob Donovan says he's concerned about protecting the rest of the city.

"Obviously there's going to be a great demand on our current reduced police resources, I might add, for downtown and convention activities," Donovan said. "So what's going to happen to our districts, and our neighborhoods."

MPD Chief of staff Nick DeSiato said he thinks the city will be adequately staffed, and the department is currently set on manpower for the DNC, given the fast response of outside departments.

"We've certainly participated in other events outside of Wisconsin," DeSiato said. "We have those relationships. So we stopped asking for additional resources. Now if circumstances change, and we need more officers because for whatever reason, X, Y or Z, jurisdiction had to pull out, then we could still go and continue to ask for additional support."

MPD says any arrests would be prosecuted here in Wisconsin. They hope to have formal agreements in place with these outside agencies finalized by March.

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