3rd St. Market Hall to welcome Valor Organic Market

NOW: 3rd St. Market Hall to welcome Valor Organic Market

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- 3rd St. Market Hall has announced the opening of a new Wisconsin-based business.

Valor Aquaponics will open this Friday, March 25, at the downtown market hall. 

Valor Organic Market will display an aquaponics farming operation, where they'll grow and sell herbs, spices, fruits and other smaller-scale produce. 

They will also sell grab-and-go produce grown from their main facility in Waukesha. 

Owner Patrick Hansen says he combined his passions for fishing and chemistry when he began using this method of farming several years ago.

“We farm-raise fish and use their nutrient-rich water to feed the vegetables, which in turn cleans the water. Then we recycle that water right back to the fish,” said Hansen. “Because of this loop system, we use 95% less water than conventional farming.”

“We are excited to have such a unique market-style vendor opening up here,” said 3rd St. Market Hall General Manager, Eric Kaye. “Many of us had never heard of aquaponics before meeting Patrick and we’re proud to house a produce business with such a sustainable farming process.”

Valor Aquaponics will open at 11 a.m. on March 25 near the main north entrance to 3rd St. Market Hall. 

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