34 children find forever homes on Milwaukee Adoption Day

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Friday, Nov. 22 was Milwaukee Adoption Day and dozens of children were officially adopted.

"I think we're excited. Anxious. Finally coming to a close," Samantha Lins said.

Cameron and Samantha Lins have been waiting a long time to adopt Alexander, who they have been fostering for a long time now. 

"It feels forever finally. We've had him for 673 days," Lins said.

Three years ago, they adopted Alexander's biological sister, Adrienne. 

Alexander was one of 34 kids who were officially adopted at Milwaukee County Children's Court Friday morning as part of Adoption Day. 

Lins said the day finally gave her a sense of relief. 

"It's finally done," she said. "No more court dates, no more appointments, home visits and things like that. We can kind of work on being a family and work on things we can do together."

Lins says there is a lot involved in the adoption process, but she says it's worth it.

"It definitely outweighs it. I've worked in child welfare and the joy -- just seeing them have that forever and spend that forever with that family and move towards that is so much more worth it," Lins said.

Right now, there are more than 7,000 children in foster care in Wisconsin that are looking for a forever home.

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