32-Year-Old Milwaukee Man Killed By Family Member

MILWAUKEE - The Milwaukee Police are investigating a homicide that happened Saturday evening.

The Police were called to 68th and Villard around 6:00 p.m. A 32-year-old Milwaukee man was killed by bodily force by a family member during a fight. A 47-year-old Milwaukee man has been arrested.

The investigation remains ongoing.

Meanwhile, the wife of the man in custody spoke with CBS 58. She says this is a case of self defense and her husband is a hero.

"That's his own son. He would never hurt his own son. He didn't even do nothing to him," said McKee.

She says her husband's 32-year-old son came to their home last night and became violent. He has mental health problems, and McKee believed he was off his medication. He punched a hole in the wall and hurt McKee and her husband.. 

"It seemed like he wasn't himself no more... I was crying and hollering trying to get this boy to stop beating on my husband," said McKee.

Fearing for their lives, she ran to call 911 -- asking for an ambulance and police assistance. McKee says her husband was holding his son in a bear hug to keep him from hurting them, and himself. While waiting for help, the son passed out. Because police hadn't arrived yet, they called 911 again.

McKee says an ambulance arrived more than a half hour after she called. She also believes if it came faster, the 32-year-old would be alive. 

"That boy would have still been living up here... he would have gone on to the hospital, and that's what he needed. He needed a hospital," said McKee.

When police arrived, they told McKee and her husband the 32-year-old had no pulse.

"He was just holding him telling him, 'Stop. Please. We're here for you. Take your medication. It'll be okay. It'll be okay,'" said McKee.

Even though McKee says her husband was taken in by police, Milwaukee Police are not saying anything about the charges the man arrested could face.

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