23-year-old reopens and revives sports complex in West Bend

NOW: 23-year-old reopens and revives sports complex in West Bend

WEST BEND, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Theran Wanta is putting new life into his hometown with Stingers Golf and Recreation. Theran reopened the old mini golf course and driving range that people have visited in West Bend for decades, Blue Dog. 

"People are sort of surprised when they meet me and I'm the owner," said Theran Wanta. 

Wanta graduated from UW Milwaukee with a finance degree in 2021. The corporate finance world didn’t appeal to him, so he decided to combine his love for business and sports. Wanta is just 23 years old, and he spends long days at the Stingers now, cleaning it up and helping families behind the counter too. 

Wanta drove by the "for sale" sign here for amost a year before deciding to buy the property and fix it up. 

It's taken the whole "village" to get it looking the way it is now. Help from his parents, neighbors and community support have made for some busy weekends already. 

"To bring it back to the glory days of what it's supposed to be, because this place has been here a long time and West Bend deserves a place like this.

He has plans to add even more activities like electric bike rentals, a golf simulator and an ice rink for the winter months. 

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