2015 Activities Guide & Racine Actress Starring In New Show

This is a jam-packed episode of \"Racine & Me.\" Real Racine's 2015 Activities Guide is out. We show you the cool, new feature you'll find in it. It has to do with drones!

We also take you to the first Winter Farmers Market in the Racine area. It's a way to get your fresh produce fix despite the season.

Then wait until you see the newest baby at the Racine Zoo. The emperor tamarin sports a white mustache and has a lot of people smiling. We explain why this baby is unique. It's more than the mustache.

Then later, meet the young Racine actress who's starring in a new TV show for kids. We chat about the new show, how Evelyn Alumbreros got her start acting and how she's keeping up with her education despite her acting schedule.

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