200,000 expected to cast votes in Milwaukee, 65% voter turnout predicted

NOW: 200,000 expected to cast votes in Milwaukee, 65% voter turnout predicted

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Election officials in Milwaukee say it's been a busy day so far. 

City of Milwaukee election officials say they expect about 200,000 people to cast their ballots in Milwaukee on Tuesday. They are predicting a 65% voter turnout rate in the city. 

One of their busier sites located in Riverwest had 150 voters during their first 30 minutes of the day. Officials say so far, there have not been any significant equipment problems at the 193 voting sites, but technicians were called out to fix little issues like a ballot getting jammed at one site. 

There were also a couple dozen cases of voters who were not able to show proof of residency to be able to register to vote. 

"I think in the city of Milwaukee, which has a very significant population of people in poverty who tend to be transient by the nature of poverty there can be some real challenges which I think we can all understand around proving residence to be able to register to vote," said Neil Albrecht, City of Milwaukee Election Commission Executive Director. 

Some voters also didn't have the proper photo ID to vote. Polls close at 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, but as long as voters are in line at their polling place by 8:00 p.m. they will be able to vote. 

Those who do not have a photo ID can get a free one at a Wisconsin DMV. You can also register to vote or update your registration at the polls. If you do register to vote on election day, you must have proof of residence like a utility bill or a bank statement. 

Milwaukee Police say anyone having election-related issues while voting should call the Election Operation Center hotline at 414-935-1210.

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