2 drownings in one day in SE Wisconsin

NOW: 2 drownings in one day in SE Wisconsin

SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN (CBS 58) - It was a deadly day on the water in Southeastern Wisconsin Thursday.

Two men drown in separate incidents.

The first happened just after 12 p.m on Wallace Lake in the Town of Trenton.

And 81-year-old man was operating machine removing weeds, when the machine overturned and the man was pinned.

It took nearly two hours for authorities to retrieve his body.

Meanwhile, a 53-year-old man was in Geneva Lake when he began to struggle.

He went under about 100 feet from shore and never came up.

Rescue crews that included the dive rescue team and a drone searched for the man.

“All you see are cops flying and ambulances flying they blocked off the roads,” said Islay Lopez who witnessed the search.

His body was recovered near the location where he disappeared, in about 8 feet of water.

“To know that a man drowned it was just chilling and scary, makes you appreciate life a little bit more,” said Alexis Miller, who decided not to swim at Big Foot Beach after the drowning.

Valorie Dudek has lived in the Lake Geneva area for a long time.

She said she wasn’t surprised by the drowning, because it happens so often in Geneva Lake.

She was being extra cautious with her grandson in the lake Thursday after hearing what happened.

“That’s very scary because I’ve swam a little bit farther out beyond the buoys,” said Dudek.

The identities of both men are being withheld until family can be notified.

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