$1.99 gas drawing in drivers, as prices fall across the country

NOW: $1.99 gas drawing in drivers, as prices fall across the country

KENOSHA (CBS 58) - Gas prices have been steadily falling across the country.

Thursday, Lou Perrine’s in Kenosha gained attention, after they posted gas at $1.99 a gallon.

It’s been a year and a half since we’ve seen that, and drivers lined up to take advantage.

Owner Anthony Perrine was stuck behind the register all day.

“It has been chaotic,” said a smiling Perrine.

But he wasn’t upset about it, he was hoping his $1.99 gas would bring in the customers, and it did in a big way.

“At about 12:30 we lowered the price and threw it on social media and GasBuddy and it just went viral,” said Perrine.

“I’m amazed, I’m pumped about it,” said happy customer Stephen Steinheiser.

Steinheiser was part of a steady stream of drivers taking advantage.

“The gas has been going down and every couple of days I’m posting on Snapchat and I’m like, we might get to $1.99 and then today we did it,” said Steinheiser.

“Yeah that’s why I’m here,” said Israel Escobedo, who drove 30 minutes just to save at the pump.

”$1.99, you cannot go wrong with that,” said Escobedo.

Falling crude oil prices has the price of gas dropping all over.

In Milwaukee they’ve dropped six cents in a week to $2.31 a gallon, and experts think it will keep falling.

But there is something about that magic $2 mark that has drivers flocking to Lou Perrine’s.

“Everybody loves it, they’re all excited,” said Perrine.

“This is my first time living on my own so it’s been really helpful with the bills,” said Steinheiser.

Perrine’s is privately owned so they have a little more flexibility with prices.

Anthony Perrine hopes the $1.99 price will hold through the weekend.

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