19 y.o. Milwaukee Woman Found Dead Outside Glenview Hospital

Glendale police are searching for a suspect after a young woman is found dead outside of a hospital early Monday morning.

Authorities said the 19-year-old Milwaukee woman had been shot. She was found outside of the Orthopaedic Hospital of Wisconsin where she was pronounced dead.

Glendale police are waiting to release the name of the young woman pending notification of the victim's family.

While on the scene, investigators focused their efforts on a spot in the center of the parking lot nearby a private security vehicle and a small guard tower.

Glendale Police have not yet said whether the shooting happened in the parking lot or somewhere else.

Multiple security cameras are installed in the area but it is unclear if authorities have obtained that footage yet.

According to a statement, Glendale police are currently following up with leads and seeking a suspect in the area. Authorities did not provide a suspect or vehicle description.

The hospitals in this area operated as normal during the investigation. Glendale police report that area is again clear and secure.


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