16-Year-Old Charged with Robbing Two Women at Two Locations

A 16-year-old in Racine was charged with robbing at two locations and forcing women at both locations to the ground.

Carlos Gonzalez, Junior allegedly robbed a Metro PCS on November 22 and Rojos on November 25.

Gonzalez allegedly was in Metro PCS was at the store with friends.

After being at the store for a while, he allegedly put his hood over his head and pushed the employee to the floor.

According to the criminal complaint, he allegedly said, “Move you fat b*tch.”

He grabbed the cash from the register and ran out of the store.

The friends that were with him apologized to the employee and said they did not know he was going to rob the store.

On Friday, the suspect allegedly robbed a customer at Rojo’s.

A customer said she enter the bar and observed the suspects standing outside.

She walked towards her vehicle when hear something behind her. She was then shoved to the ground and punched several times in the head.

The suspects took her purse and ran off.

In this incident there were three suspects.

One of the other suspects was questioned about a separate robbery.

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