Zocco homicide case to proceed

NOW: Zocco homicide case to proceed

The trial of Kris Zocco will move forward. Last month Zocco was charged in the death of Kelly Dwyer.

A Milwaukee County court commissioner listened to between 6-7 hours of testimony over a three day period.

Zocco’s attorneys argued there is not enough factual evidence and most of what the state presented was circumstantial.

“The state has relayed as what it refers to as a mountain of evidence, but it’s really a mountain of speculation,” said Craig Mastantuono, Zocco’s attorney.

Mastantuono said there has not been a determined cause of death, or facts into when or where exactly Dwyer died. Her body was found in rural Jefferson County.

However, the state pointed to sex tapes and photographs of the two participating in dominant/submissive sexual encounters.

They also pointed to evidence of Dwyer entering Zocco’s apartment building but never leaving.

When testimony was done, the court commissioner found there was enough evidence to bound Zocco to trial.

He’ll be back in court June 29 for an arraignment.

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