"You can opt out:” Cut down on the number of pre-approved credit offers you get in the mail

“You can opt out: ” Cut down on the number of pre-approved credit offers you get in the mail

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) – It’s something many of us get in the mail, those pre-approved credit card offers.

“I get about two to four a week,” said Danielle Spakowitz.

When the offers show up in the mail, some just throw them in the trash.

“I don’t need more credit cards than I already have,” said David Drzadinski.

The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin recommends people to tear or shred the offers before you throw them away.

“Someone could pull that out of the trash and they could apply for that credit card in your name. So as many as you get make sure you take care of them the proper way,” said Jim Temmer, President of BBB serving Wisconsin.

There is a way people can opt out so they won’t get as many offers for the next five years.

People can go to www.optoutprescreen.com or call 1–888–567–8688 to take their names off lists provided by consumer credit reporting companies.

The site will ask for some personal information like name, birth date, and social security number. CBS 58 tried it and noticed fewer offers in the mail within one month.

Experts say companies will not reach out to you to take your information off the lists.

“If they are contacting you, it’s a scam. They are just trying to get your personal information. No one is going to start by doing that but you may think that’s a good service and tell them everything they want,” said Temmer.

According to the website, it will take some time before you start seeing fewer offers in the mail. If you continue to see offers come through, you may have to contact the business directly.

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