Woman's stolen car keeps getting parking tickets

MILWAUKEE -- A Waukesha County woman says her stolen car kept getting ticketed by the City of Milwaukee and wants to know why her car never came up stolen.

Police tracked her car from Waukesha County to Milwaukee city limits. It was found several days later, but with multiple parking tickets and $11,000 of damage.

Helen Geracie wants to know why the city couldn't tell with their electric ticket writer that her vehicle was reported stolen.

WDJT contacted Milwaukee's parking division, and the city says it can only detect stolen vehicles if the car was reported stolen within the city limits. Suburbs don't show up on their list.

Geracie says she'd like to see the entire metro area added to the list to save money and man power.

Geracie won't have to pay her tickets once she proves her car was stolen with a police report.

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