Wisconsin AARP Chapter is Calling Out The New Republican Healthcare Plan

The local group which represents thousands of Wisconsinites at or near retirement age is calling out the new Republican healthcare plan..

The Wisconsin AARP chapter is following the lead of the national organization by coming out strongly against the American Health Care Act.

"The bill could potentially be devastating to our members especially folks age 50 to 64,” said Jim Flaherty, Wisconsin’s AARP spokesman.           

The AARP accuses the house republican health care bill of being a sweetheart deal for drug companies and special interests while allowing premiums for older people to go up.

"They need to take a step back Congress does and take a look at exactly how this legislation is going to affect real people. Because it's damaging," said Flaherty.

In addition to AARP groups like the American Medical Association, American Hospital Association and Association of American Physicians and Surgeons are also against the plan.

Marquette Political Science Professor Phillip Rocco said the bill is dividing Republicans and has fundamental policy flaws.

"What it fails to do is solve some of the problems that the ACA has faced in terms of offering people benefits that they like,” said Rocco.

Governor Scott Walker has met with the Trump administration and Speaker Ryan about replacing the Affordable Care Act.

On Tuesday, Walker was asked if he'd support the bill as is.

"Well I think it's pretty clear there are going to be some changes. I think it's good they're heading in this direction, but I think there's no doubt even this coming week I think there will be some changes in the house and possibly the senate,” said Walker.

Speaker Ryan continues to sell the merits of the bill on three key points: lowering premiums, saving taxpayers money, and reducing the national deficit

Ryan's office also put out a list of 10 conservative groups who endorsed the bill today.

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