Who are Wisconsin's biggest sports villains?

NOW: Who are Wisconsin’s biggest sports villains?

WISCONSIN (CBS 58) -- Brewers Nation added an enemy this week in Manny Machado, when the Dodgers infielder committed two dirty plays in the NLCS.

But where does he rank on the all-time list of Wisconsin sports villains?

Fans tend to be prisoners of the moment, and recency bias has Brew Crew faithful plenty mad at Machado.

“He’s a bum,” Mike Egelhoff, a Brewers fan, said. “So glad we didn’t pick him up.”

Derwin Spears, another fan, thinks Machado made a bad name for himself this week.

“We hate guys that are Hollywood and Machado is all of that and more,” Bill Schmid, with sports radio station 105.7 The Fan, said.

Going back just a year though brings up the name Anthony Barr.

Barr is the Minnesota Vikings linebacker who injured Aaron Rodgers, knocking the Packers quarterback out for the season.

To his credit, Barr did say his intent wasn’t to injure.

That’s not the case with Randall Simon, the Pittsburgh Pirates player who toppled a Miller Park sausage with a bat in 2003.

"Inappropriate because he hit [her] with a solid object and there was an actual human being on the inside," Spears said.

Wisconsin sports fans wouldn’t let us live it down if Randy Moss was left off the list.

Not only did he pretend to “moon” the fans at Lambeau Field during a playoff game, but he also always seemed to play well against the Packers.

What it all comes down to is it’s more fun in sports when there’s someone to boo and hiss at.

"Sports are like the best reality television and there's always somebody on a reality TV show that you're thinking, ‘I wouldn't like that person,’" Schmid said.

Jim McMahon certainly played that role well.

When the former Chicago Bears quarterback won a Super Bowl with the Packers, he wore a Bears jersey to the team’s White House visit.

Other names that could go on the list include Bill Bartholomay, who moved the Milwaukee Braves to Atlanta, and even Brett Favre, who went from hero to villain and back again.

Who do you think should be added?

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