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What to Do After A Car Accident

A car accident in Wisconsin is not very different from a crash in any other state. Though the basic steps are the same, we do urge you to speak with a Wisconsin attorney who has experience in the state after seeking medical attention. Please read our checklist to ensure that you have followed the proper steps after your accident.

  • Attempt to stay calm and survey the damage to your body. By assessing the injuries of those around you and yourself, you will be better able to help emergency personnel when they arrive on the scene.
  • If you are able, be sure to file a police report. Even if the damage seems minor, a police report can protect you and be used if you choose to file suit against the other driver.
  • DO NOT discuss the accident with anyone other than the police. If you talk about the crash to witnesses, the other driver or the insurance company, you may accidentally implicate yourself and be held responsible for the accident. This can occur even if you were NOT at fault. Others may twist your statements and hold you liable.
  • If possible, write down every piece of information you can think of. Addresses, phone numbers, insurance information, names and numbers of witnesses, a description of the other car and its license plate number may all be crucial pieces of information. If you think it may be important, write it down.
  • Call your insurance agent. Though we advise not speaking with the other driver's insurance company, it is important that you call your agent right away.
  • As soon as you and your passengers are safe and have been treated for any injuries, please contact the experienced personal injury attorneys of Hupy and Abraham. An attorney will help you avoid mistakes with the insurance company and will ensure that you are compensated for any losses, property damage and medical expenses. Our attorneys can be reached via phone at 800-800-5678 or online at hupy.com.

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