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What Everyone Must Know About Back-to-School Safety

September is a busy month for everyone as kids go back to school. Preparing should mean more than just getting the necessary clothes and school supplies ready. With so many things happening before the first week of school, it is easy to overlook reviewing and implementing important safety routines. Here are some tips that can help everyone stay safe while traveling before and after the school day:

Safety Tips for Students:

  • Get to the bus stop early to avoid rushing.
  • Always wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before walking toward it.
  • Stay on sidewalks and paths. Cross at street corners only, looking left, right and left again. If you see a car approaching, make eye contact with the driver before crossing the street. Drivers are not always paying attention.
  • Always cross in front of the bus so the driver can see you.
  • Remain in your seat while on the bus at all times.
  • Keep all hands and feet inside the bus.
  • Never get off at a stop that is not yours.
  • Accompany a child under the age of 10 years old to the bus stop.
  • Encourage children to walk in a group to school.
  • Teach children what to do if they are approached by a stranger while walking.

Safety Tips for Teens:

  • Make sure they are rested. Teens that get at least eight hours of sleep are less likely to have an accident than those who don’t.
  • Follow the examples set by parents, so model good driving, discuss driving expectations and practice driving with them.

Safety Tips for Drivers:

  • Motorists must stop when they are behind a bus, meeting the bus or approaching an intersection where a bus is stopped with its red lights flashing.
  • Never begin driving until all children have reached a safe place.
  • All motorists need to slow down.
  • Be an alert driver and eliminate all distractions.

Many accidents can be avoided if just one party is paying close attention. By following these easy guidelines, and encouraging your kids to do the same, you can help make the streets safer for everyone. As a reminder for everyone to Yield to Pedestrians — get your own Hupy and Abraham, S.C. bumper sticker here.

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