West Bend Man Charged for Shooting Gun at Officer

A West Bend man has been charged for being intoxicated and shooting his gun at an officer.

Officers were at the West Bend residence on October 16 investigating a shots fired call.

Kody Kozal was charged with 7 counts of first degree recklessly endangering safety and possession of a firearm.

Konzal allegedly told police he did not remember shooting his handgun on his property anywhere after the incident. He told police he drank three vodka-Red Bulls, two shots of Jack Daniels and Rumple Minze, and five to six cans of beer.

According to a friend of Kozal’s, the defendant had been firing rounds into the air before the officers arrived.

The defendant allegedly told his friend he was going to shoot his gun  again because it’s “America.”

When the officer first came into contact with the defendant, Kozal was drinking from a beer can. His eyelids were droopy and almost closed.

The officer told him to go inside his home.

Officers stayed on the scene to investigate the shots fired call. An officer was investigating an area around a beer can to see if it was used as a target.

As he was examining the beer can he heard the back door of the residence open. He observed Konzal coming through the door at a rapid pace.

He observed Konzal with a weapon pointed at the officer.

The officer said he could hear the defendant had depressed the trigger but heard a click sound because the gun did not fire.

West Bend Police Department’s Special Response Team was called to the scene.

Four hours later the defendant was taken into custody. 

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