Wednesday Weather: We're in the thick of the cold now!

Wednesday Weather: We’re in the thick of the cold now!

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--We're living through the coldest temperatures we've seen since the mid 1990's.  Early February 1996 to be exact.  -26 on February 3, 1996.  We won't be that cold, but it might as well be.  Look for wind chill numbers to range between -40 and -50 today with actual air readings near -10 in the afternoon.  There will be one more extremely cold night tonight and then we start to get better.

With the warmup coming, we have a chance for light snow into Thursday evening.  Perhaps an inch in spots.  This could lead to slick areas on the roads.  Then it gets even warmer.  How about temps near 40 by early next week?  Yes, they're coming.

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