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Wedding proposal years in the making takes place at Schulte Elementary

A wedding proposal years in the making took place in a Racine elementary school.

The couple grew up on the same street, went to the same school, and had their first kiss in their kindergarten class. Today, things came full circle for this newly engaged couple. 

In the kindergarten classroom at Schulte Elementary, things were a bit different today. 

"All of your mouths have to be silent because you're part of the secret."

A secret that took months of planning but that started in these halls back in 1978 when Chris Perronto and Nanette Bahrens first met.

"It's really about our connection from childhood. It's a big part of why things work and why we fit together so well," Perronto said.

The couple lost touch later in life and after 30 years reconnected through social media. 

After a few years of dating, we fast forward to today. 

It was time for the moment of truth.

"Will you be my fiance?"

The classroom proposal was one of the several stops for the couple followed by a police escort out of Sturtevant for lunch in Milwaukee. 

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