We Energies warning customers about phone scams

NOW: We Energies warning customers about phone scams

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- We Energies is warning about an uptick in phone scams. 

They say in the past two days more than 100 customers have reported getting a phone call from someone claiming to be from We Energies. They threaten to disconnect service if the customer doesn't buy a pre-paid debit card and provide them with the number. 

"They're really sneaky. They're going to do anything they can to make it convenient for you to give them money so again if you think a call or email is suspicious, make sure you are checking the number on your bill and give us a call," said We Energies spokesperson Amy Jahns. 

We Energies says some people have fallen for the scam and in some cases lost thousands of dollars. They say business owners should be especially vigilant. 

For more scam warning signs from We Energies, please click here. 

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