Waukesha holds tornado disaster drill

No severe weather Friday but it was a much different story in Waukesha. Different agencies spent all day executing a disaster drill for an EF-5 tornado.

Everything started at 9:30 AM when a simulated EF-5 tornado struck downtown Waukesha.

So far this year the state of Wisconsin has been hit by 16 tornadoes, five of those occurred in our area of SE WI. The strongest was an EF-1 nothing compared to the 200 mph winds packed by an EF-5. 

\"We kind of simulated the Joplin, MO tornado scenario here. In Joplin they had about 166 fatalities. When this is all done were about the same simulated numbers. The only thing that happened in Joplin that we didn't simulate is the hospital was hit,\" said Brad Anderson, City of Waukesha Police Department.  

By tomorrow 700 National Guard units will be here with Black Hawk helicopters to facilitate simulated recovery.

On Saturday additional disaster drills are scheduled including a simulated gas explosion with 90 injured going to area hospitals and a plane crash with fatalities. 

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