Waukesha Dog Handler Taking 7 Dogs to Westminster

Jerri El Dissi will be heading to the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. She’s been participating in the competition since 1971. However, it will be the first time she’ll be traveling with 7 dogs.

"I'm always nervous but not that kind of nervous (she shakes her hand) but I always want the best for my dogs and my clients," Dissi said.

Six of the dogs are from Wisconsin. The 7th is Luka who was sent to Dissi from Japan in November.

"You have to treat them different, you have to show them different, they like different treats, they like different toys. It's like that goofy, best and show movie. You have to find what works for your dog," she said.

Dissi plans to leave Friday morning to start her 18 hour drive in what she calls her “dog mobile.” It’s a vehicle that can hold up to 15 dogs and 5 people.

Dissi said that she loves working with the dogs.

"They have unconditional love, which is the best you know, no matter what I look like or how messed up I am, they still love me."

The competition is February 13 and 14. 

Seven dogs:

  • Berger Picard: Jazmine from Jefferson
  • Finnish Lapphund: Talvi from Brown Deer
  • Two Beagles: Rosie and Chuck from Wauwatosa
  • Great Pyrenees: Gem from Kenosha
  • Portuguese Water Dog: Legend from Delafield
  • Alaskan Malamute: Luke from Japan
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