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Waukesha County Executive Reacts to Elected Officials Use for Social Media

Sheriff Clarke like President Trump is bypassing established media by getting out his side of the story with social media and it can have its pitfalls.  

This new way to communicate with constituents is being looked at quite carefully by many lawmakers and that includes Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow.

His office one of the most engaged in social media and he offered this perspective on what the Trump years will bring.

“I believe President Trump has mastered it. He causes a fervor when he wants to. He compliments people when he wants to. The problem we have in society is that we're sound bytes. Everything we look for is quick 30 seconds. We don't look at the depth. Could be a good thing at times. Could be a bad thing as we've seen,” said Farrow.

Farrow said it is a new day on how we communicate and selection of the words and phrases will become all the more critical.

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