Water Conditions are Life Threatening on Lake Michigan in Sheboygan

South Pier in Sheboygan is closed due to high winds and waves, according to Sheboygan Police Department.

High wave action, large waves and dangerous currents are expected, conditions are life threatening. Strong structural, longshore and rip currents are expected.

Structural currents form along piers where longshore currents and wave action flow into the structure.

Structural currents can sweep you out into deeper water along the pier structure. A longshore current is a lake current that moves parallel to shore. Longshore currents can be strong enough to prevent swimmers from being able to keep their feet on the bottom, making it difficult to return to shore.

Water conditions are life threatening.

Sheboygan Police Department warns residents do not overestimate your swimming abilities. If you see someone in distress, call 911 immediately

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