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WATCH FOR CYCLES this Back-to-School Season

School is almost back in session, which means soon we will be sharing our streets with the kids who commute to school. As we end summer and get ready for the next school year, let’s practice safety tips for the kids.

Benefits of bicycling to school:

  1. Physical activity
  2. Balance and coordination movements
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Feeling of independence
  5. Stronger connection to the community
  6. Better school performance
  7. Healthier lifestyle
  8. More outdoor time

There are many benefits to cycling to school. But parents and kids should also take precautions before doing so.

  1. Check the route your child would take to school. See if there is anything they need to be careful about, such as potholes, bike lanes, stop signs and areas with low visibility.
  2. Watch the weather and dress appropriately. If it is raining, consider packable rainwear with a form-fitting hood.
  3. Inspect the condition of the streets. If it is too muddy or snowy, maybe your child is not ready to go through that.
  4. Form a bike club if any of the neighbors’ kids are biking to school.
  5. Know where to put bikes and how to lock them.
  6. Need adult supervision for kids under 10 during their rides.

Cycling is great for your kid’s health, the environment and can even save you money. Now that it is time for school again, more kids will be on the road trying to get to school. Show your support for bicycle safety and awareness by displaying a FREE Watch For Cycles sticker on your bike or car. For even more safety information, you can also request a free bicycle safety brochure available HERE.

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