Warm weather affects winter weekend festivals

NOW: Warm weather affects winter weekend festivals

Friday kicks off a weekend of winter festivals in the area, but with the warm weather a few of the festivities have melted. Including at the Waukesha Janboree.

"With all the sun today and the warms temps... there will be no tobaggen run this weekend and ice fishing as well," said Joanna Adamicki, Special Events Coordinator for City of Waukesha Parks, Rec & Forestry.

"We wish it was a little more snowy out here. Our favorite thing is the toboggan run which isn't open tonight because of lack of snow," said Lisa Hoeck.

Hoeck and her three daughters attend the Janboree every year. They all brought their sleds which had to stay in the car, but there many other winter activities for the girls.

"We've got broomball going on on the ice, we've got giant jenga in our tent, card games, hammerschlagen... gagaball, some smoreball," said Adamicki. Fireworks and a comedy sports show also kicked off the fest.

There will be events all weekend at the Waukesha Janboree, you can find that list by clicking here.

Oconomowoc's 9th Annual Chili-Fest starts Saturday. Pond Hockey and Ice Fishing have been cancelled, but other events will go on as planned. You can taste chili at a few different spots. Click here for Chili-Fest details.

Winterfest starts at Lake Geneva. For the Winterfest schedule, click here.

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