Wallenda prepares for his longest high-altitude stroll

Nik Wallenda has walked on a wire across the grand canyon and many other famous locations.  On August 11, this seventh generation wire walker will take his longest high-altitude stroll *ever* at the Wisconsin State Fair.

\"It's just something that we do as a family, It's something fun and exciting, just like families go and play baseball or softball or football in the backyard for the company picnic, we play on wires,\" said Wallenda.

Wallenda will walk 15-hundred 60 feet across the Milwaukee mile racetrack, 10 stories above the ground on a wire no wider than a nickel.

As you might expect, coming from the legendary  Wallenda family, Nik started early at two years of age. He said one of the secrets to doing this safely is a clear head.

 “I try not to let anything go through my mind, other than positive thoughts, i try to filter out the negative thoughts, they can become debilitating, it can overwhelm me and talk me out of taking that walk,\" said Wallenda.

Wallenda said he hopes his daredevil stunts inspire people not to be afraid to take risks with their lives.  
Wallenda's State Fair Walk is scheduled to start at 7 on August 11.  

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