Video of man savagely beating dog found on drug dealer's cell phone

Violet, LA (WGNO) -- A Violet, Louisiana, man who put on boxing gloves and beat his dog unconscious has been booked on aggravated cruelty to an animal, authorities said Monday.

Asani Woods, 21, was taken into custody in March when investigators found video of him \"savagely beating\" his dog on a drug suspect's cell phone.

According to St. Bernard Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Cannizaro, Woods beat his female pit bull several times. In the video taken in December, you could hear the dog whimpering and crying throughout the attack, Cannizaro said.

Adding, once the dog looked unconscious Woods picked her up and \"smashed her head to the floor.\"

When investigators showed Woods the video he was apparently shocked, and dismissed it as \"me disciplining my dog.\" Woods told them the dog created a mess in his kitchen.

Cannizaro said the dog survived the attack and was taken to the Westbank office of the ASPCA in January to be euthanized. The agency told authorities the owner had complained the dog was overly aggressive.

Woods, is being held in St. Bernard Parish Prison in lieu of bond set at $100,000.

Wood's neighbor, Johnny Dominick, admitted to videotaping the dog-beating. Officials say Dominick can be heard on the video encouraging Woods as he punched and kicked the animal.

Dominick, was among three men arrested March 26 on drug-related charges by agents of SID. He faces aggravated cruelty to the dog as well as the drug charges.

Dominick was booked with possession with intent to distribute three drugs: nearly a half-ounce of crack cocaine worth some $1,400, 5.2 grams of highly potent marijuana worth $150, and 12 pills of the prescription pain-killer Tramadol.

He is being held in St. Bernard Parish Prison in lieu of bond totaling $135,000.

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